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onetreehillfic's Journal

One Tree Hill Fanfiction
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Fanfiction based on the CW show One Tree Hill
Welcome to onetreehillfic, a community for posting fanfiction based on the CW's One Tree Hill. All kinds of fic is welcome here, as long as it follows a few simple rules.


1) No bashing of characters, ships, or other fans is welcome here. If you don't like something, you're welcome to ignore it, but we will not tolerate flame wars.

2) All fic must be clearly marked with the following information:

Word Count

The title, pairing/character, and rating should be placed in the subject line - ie. Title (Pairing/Character) Rating.

All fic posted directly to the community must be placed behind an lj-cut, or you may include a link back to your own journal. Please do not post links to friends-locked entries - if your journal is friends locked, you may post a copy of the fic to the community.

3) Please tag all fic entries with author, pairing and character names. Pairings should be listed alphabetically - ie. haley/nathan, not nathan/haley. If the tag you need does not yet exist, please ask for it to be created here.

4) There is no minimum word limit for fics. All ratings, pairings, and genres are allowed.

5) All information from newly aired episodes will be considered a spoiler for one week after the episode airs. Before that time, please post all spoiler information behind an lj-cut. If you are caught breaking this rule, your post will be deleted.

6) Crossovers and real person fiction may be posted here. As with all fics, they must be clearly labelled.

7) Requests for beta readers may be posted, as may challenge advertisements, as long as they relate to One Tree Hill fanfiction. Challenge advertisements may be posted once only; for all other community advertisements, you may comment here if you wish to affiliate with the community.


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